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All you need to know about vinyl.

Thank you for attending our first Installation 1.2.3 Workshop.  Here are a number of useful resources  including product and technical documents for you to download and share with your team.



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Installation 1.2.3 Workshop Presentations

Correct installation of vinyl flooring is key to a successful project.  We have collated the presentations from the Installation 1.2.3 Workshop, and added in some tips and tricks for your next vinyl flooring installation, which you can download and share with your team.

Download your Installation 1.2.3 presentations 




Polyflor Corporate Profile

Find out more about who we are and what makes us tick.Corporate Profile

Flooring Contractor's Site Checklist

The flooring contractor's site checklist provides a guideline  to ensure a successful project, right from site conditions through to maintenance. Download our Checklist

Project Site Checklist

The project site checklist provides detailed guidelines on how to achieve a successful vinyl installation and achieve site and vinyl welding compliance.
Download our Installation Checklist


Recommended Primers, Moisture Barriers & Self-levellers

We highly recommend approaching one supplier for their entire system recommendation as this ensures accountability at all stages of the sub floor preparation.

Recommended Screed Preparation Products

Recommended Adhesive Products 

This list of recommended and tested adhesives from Polyflor's preferred suppliers. 

Recommended Adhesive Products


Recommended Floor Fitting Tools 

This is a comprehensive list of all the tools needed for not only a successful vinyl flooring installation and but also the tools required for cleaning vinyl floors. 

Recommended Vinyl Flooring Tools



Why i-mop? 

Find out why i-mop is our cleaning equipment partner of choice. i-mop equipment make the regular spaghetti mop and bucket system look silly!

Why i-mop

Maintenance on PUR Coatings

A PUR coated floor provides a host of benefits but it is imperative to maintain it correctly.  FInd out more here.
MP02 PUR Maintenance Procedure

Technical Information Manual

Our technical installation manual acts as a guide for all aspects of a vinyl flooring project. From product specification, installation, through to maintenance of Polyflor vinyl floor covering.Technical Information Manual 


Polyflor Healthcare Brochure

Our healthcare brochure takes you through a host of different  vinyl flooring options that will meet the performance and requirements for each operational area in your healthcare facility. 

Healthcare Brochure

Wall Protection Brochure

Our wall protection brochure not only looks at the benefits of wall protection systems, but looks at how to specify them correctly. Specifying your wall protection system correctly can help reduce the levels of every day wear and tear to building interiors and reduce your maintenance costs significantly.  

Wall Protection Brochure

Potential Risk Mitigation Steps

Our potential risk mitigation documents outlines the 6 essential steps that need to be followed to avoid any risks or any mishaps on site, as well as highlighting the key questions to ask your flooring contractor before installation.

Risk Mitigation Guidelines




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Specify with confidence with our Ultimate Specifying Guide!

It can be a daunting task to get your specification right, and not every product is perfect for every application.. From healthcare, commercial, education and retail, our new eBook The Ultimate Specifying Guide will help you to get the job done the right way, no matter what industry.

Download your Ultimate Specifying Guide now 

Do you need assistance with your next flooring project?  Our team of vinyl flooring experts will help you to make an informed flooring decision from specifying the right product to maintenance. Contact Polyflor

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