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Flooring inspiration for tertiary institutions [gallery]

Vinyl flooring can be so much more than just a floor covering. See how inspirational vinyl designs transformed were used in tertiary educational institutions.

Twenty-first century learning is about the provision of inspirational education facilities that place both students and staff first. Today’s student is discerning and demands an environment that is conducive to learning and caters for their needs. Integral to this, the choice of floor coverings will have a major impact on the overall “feel” of a space.
Design, colour and the use of patterns can transform any lecture hall, media centre or canteen. Flooring with different performance characteristics can work in combination to suit an array of needs and different design schemes.
Specify vinyl with confidence. It provides the performance demands, versatility, durability and ease of maintenance that any learning environment demands.
a_Expona Flow Firelight.jpg
Acoustic Forest fx PUR American Oak.jpg
b_2000 PUR.jpg
BLOC PUR 9947.jpg
Classic Mystique PUR Mountain Lake.jpg
Expona Flow Wood PUR Reclaimed Chevron 9830.jpg
Expona Design PUR Cool grey.jpg
Classic Mystique PUR Mountain Lake 1330 (5).jpg
forest fx classis 3100 (1) (1).jpg
XL PU.jpg
Copy of Ecore.png
Pearlazzo PUR Autumn Fire.jpg
Polysafe Vogue Ultra PUR.jpg
Saarfloor Noppe Stud Tiles.jpg
Polysafe Wood Classic Oak 3107.jpg
Polysafe Wood fx PUR SIlver Oak.jpg
Expona Design PUR Walnut 6155.jpg
Prestige PUR 1930.jpg

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