5 useful questions to ask when selecting a sustainable, slip-resistant floor

5 useful questions to ask when selecting a sustainable, slip-resistant floor.

We have compiled a list of useful things you need to consider when selecting a slip-resistant floor.

Kichen floor
  1. Does the product have sustainable slip-resistance that is guaranteed for the life of  the floor?
  2. Are the particles evenly spread through the performance layer for long-term performance?
  3. Does the product meet the requirements of the 50,000 cycles Abrasion Test?
  4. Does the product achieve a rating of 36+ for low-slip potential on the Pendulum Test in WET conditions? This can be checked on-site?
  5. Does the product achieve a surface roughness result of 20 microns and above (or higher, depending on the requirements of the area where the floor is installed)? This can be checked on-site.

Manufacturers and suppliers should be responsible and accurate with their provision of technical data, providing guarantees and assurances where necessary. They should be able to answer (and provide proof of) the five questions.

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