Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) Floor Coverings Explained

20 July 2017 Denver Coleman

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a problem that can't be ignored.

The scuff of a shoe or scraping a chair on a floor could create an electron imbalance. Although the resulting discharge may be so small that the human body cannot feel...

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Versatile Vinyl

06 July 2017 Sandy Mc Lardy

Vinyl flooring offers so much more than just a floor covering and designers and architects are finding the versatility of vinyl inspiring.  See how functionality meets design in hospitals, schools, offices, retail outlets and many...

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9 ways vinyl flooring revolutionises schools

29 June 2017 Tandy Coleman

21st century learning is about the provision of inspirational education facilities that put learners and educators at the heart of the school. Design and layout, along with facilities and resources all play a vital role in the creation...

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Moisture Testing like a Pro!

22 June 2017 Charles Davids

Moisture issues lead to 80% of flooring installation failures. Fact!

Given this alarming statistic, we have put together a simple guide as to go about conducting a moisture test on your sub floor to avoid having your fate in the hands...

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Polyflor SA won the Innovation in PVC Recycling Award at the 2017 Vinyl SA Conference

14 June 2017 Wendy Mitrovich

Polyflor SA winning the “Innovation in PVC Recycling” Award at the 2017 Vinyl SA Conference in Sandton on Wednesday 7th June was indeed an important milestone, both a proud and humbling moment, validating the forward-thinking initiative...

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The Art & Science of a Quality Screed for a Vinyl Installation

09 June 2017 Charles Davids

Prevent costly re-do’s and / or a poor result by making sure the screed is up-to-scratch and ready for a vinyl installation.  A quality screed is likely to result in a quality vinyl floor installation.  Too often, vitally important...

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