How we helped Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital...

16 January 2018 Tandy Coleman

Ensuring great hygiene, beautiful floors, superb wall protection and clever multi-language way-finding.

Here at Polyflor, our passion is driven by the positive impact our products have on people and environments fuelled by our company...

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Understanding different types of wall protection

12 December 2017 Tandy Coleman

Discover the different types of wall protection and the associated benefits. Understanding the products will provide insight and direction in planning a well-designed facility. This will allow you to fully captilise on all of the...

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Effects & designs used in modern vinyl flooring [gallery]

30 November 2017 Wendy Mitrovich

A floor has the potential to be so much more than just a floor.  Vinyl affords you the creative licence to push those boundaries

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Why you should use wall protection in a building

23 November 2017 Tandy Coleman

Wall protection is fast becoming an important component to consider when designing a building. With today’s ever-growing population, fast-paced world and rushed lifestyle, resilience and sustainability of buildings and spaces are...

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Why you should specify vinyl for a healthcare facility [mood board]

16 November 2017 Wendy Mitrovich

The operational requirements of a healthcare environment are inherently complex and floor finishes are required to meet both the functional and aesthetic standards of many different spaces.

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Flooring inspiration for tertiary institutions [gallery]

07 November 2017 Wendy Mitrovich
Twenty-first century learning is about the provision of inspirational education facilities that place both students and staff first. Today’s student is discerning and demands an environment that is conducive to learning and caters for...
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