Six insights to be mindful of when choosing the floor for your retail outlet or mall [survey]

15 August 2018 Nelia Garcia

Whilst flooring decisions in malls and retail outlets are often made by designers, architects or project managers, we wanted to know what SHOPPERS want from the floors in the malls and retail outlets they choose to frequent.

So we...

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How much do you know about vinyl flooring?

25 July 2018 Tandy Coleman

Polyflor’s answers to six common environmental questions and misconceptions.

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The story behind Palettone

17 July 2018 Wendy Mitrovich

If we look carefully around us, our natural world is wonderfully made up of concealed textures and materials that create beautiful displays of colours and shades.  It is a world of light reflecting colour of every tone and hue we can...

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Essential skills a good vinyl flooring contractor must have

26 June 2018 Pieter du Plessis

We surveyed a group of 17 vinyl flooring industry experts to determine what skillset they believe a reputable flooring contractor must have. This is what they said.

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Are you a contractor looking to employ an experienced vinyl flooring installer?

12 June 2018 Pieter du Plessis

As a contractor, it’s tough to ensure you’re staffed correctly and quite often, you’re left with no choice but to employ or subcontract.  

We suggest following these steps to ensure you employ the skills of a qualified vinyl flooring...

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Questions to ask your candidate flooring contractor

05 June 2018 Pieter du Plessis

The quality of your installation is critically important to you but will only be as good as what your flooring contractor can provide.  

We provide eight questions and a few pointers to help you determine the level of skill and...

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