Follow our journey in sustainability

03 April 2018 Tandy Coleman

At Polyflor, we strive to provide world-class, environmentally sound, sustainable solutions to South Africa’s flooring industry.  As the Triple Bottom Line concept is an important tool for supporting sustainability goals, follow our...

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Is the floor covering you’re choosing a good environmental option?

28 March 2018 Tandy Coleman

Are you often asked if your floor covering recommendation is eco-friendly and sustainable? 

Use this simple checklist based on the Triple Bottom Line* concept (TBL) to ensure your flooring manufacturer meets your requirement.

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How the right flooring can help patients living with dementia

13 March 2018 Sandy Mc Lardy

Flooring is an integral part of an interior space and can influence how patients with dementia both feel and function. Polyflor has dedicated time, effort and funds to research dementia friendly-flooring and has collaborated with global 

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Specifying flooring for dementia: 10 basic principles

06 March 2018 Sandy Mc Lardy

Flooring can help promote a more positive and inclusive environment to those living with dementia and encourage reduced stress and anxiety.

These 10 principles allow accurate specification for facilities in which people living with...

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When vinyl flooring is and isn't right for you

21 February 2018 Denver Coleman

When choosing your floor covering, it is essential to ensure your product choice meets your specific needs. 

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Trip and slips and how a floor can save a life: 4 important questions

06 February 2018 Tandy Coleman

By law, owners of businesses or property are required to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the general public. The South African Compensation commissioner reported a total of 200 000 to 220 000 claims per year in the...

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