Are you a contractor looking to employ an experienced vinyl flooring installer?

12 June 2018 Pieter du Plessis

As a contractor, it’s tough to ensure you’re staffed correctly and quite often, you’re left with no choice but to employ or subcontract.  

We suggest following these steps to ensure you employ the skills of a qualified vinyl flooring...

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Questions to ask your candidate flooring contractor

05 June 2018 Pieter du Plessis

The quality of your installation is critically important to you but will only be as good as what your flooring contractor can provide.  

We provide eight questions and a few pointers to help you determine the level of skill and...

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Meeting teacher and students needs for classroom floors

22 May 2018 Tandy Coleman

Vinyl ticks all the right boxes.

Durable, soft and warm underfoot, waterproof, easy-to-clean, quiet and non-slippery, vinyl flooring provides all the benefits that teachers and students deem important. See how vinyl can change the...

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What high school students want from a floor [Infographic]

15 May 2018 Tandy Coleman

As teachers are affected by the floor in their classrooms, so are their students.

Studies indicate that the physical design and classroom environment affects morale, student learning and well-being in general.

Read more to find out what...

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What teachers want from a floor [Infographic]

08 May 2018 Tandy Coleman

Floors have a major impact on the overall feel and functioning of a space.  Teachers are not often afforded the opportunity to be part of the decision making process and often have to endure the results of a poor decision.

Find out what...

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Water-wise floor cleaning: The new must do

25 April 2018 Sandy Mc Lardy

With water scarcity officially now at crisis levels in South Africa, reducing our use of water in a commercial setting is a necessity.

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