Why you should specify vinyl for a healthcare facility [mood board]

16 November 2017 Wendy Mitrovich

The operational requirements of a healthcare environment are inherently complex and floor finishes are required to meet both the functional and aesthetic standards of many different spaces.

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Flooring inspiration for tertiary institutions [gallery]

07 November 2017 Wendy Mitrovich
Twenty-first century learning is about the provision of inspirational education facilities that place both students and staff first. Today’s student is discerning and demands an environment that is conducive to learning and caters for...
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Vinyl flooring jargon 401

27 October 2017 Sandy Mc Lardy

The last part in our series debunks the acronyms that are used in the industry and includes new additions that were introduced with the inception of FITA. 

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Vinyl flooring jargon 301

20 October 2017 Sandy Mc Lardy

Building on the technical terminology from the second part in our terminology series, we will now delve into the installation terms used in the industry.

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Vinyl flooring jargon 201

13 October 2017 Sandy Mc Lardy

Now that you’re familiar with all the different types of vinyl flooring on the market, let us explore some of the terminology you will hear bantered about.

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Vinyl flooring jargon 101

06 October 2017 Sandy Mc Lardy

Industry specific terminology develops over many years and becomes familiar to people regularly working with it.  But, it can be confusing and cause misunderstanding and frustration for someone trying to make sense of a product and the...

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