Vinyl Flooring ins and outs


VINYL: a sustainable choice?

With the increased demand for sustainability, architects, specifiers and contractors worldwide are adapting their methods to adopt this thinking....


What vinyl flooring is best for your project?

To determine which vinyl flooring product is best for your project, it is important to know what options are available & what qualities each of them...


Welding Right

Welding requires skill and expertise and too often, when done poorly, results in installation failures. Make sure it's done right.


Specialists make all the difference [UPDATE]

Vinyl flooring has very specific demands and you need to get it right. Choose a team that "gets you" and can essentially become an extension of your...

Vinyl Flooring ins and outs

Creating clean spaces: Vinyl vs Carpet

With the onset of COVID-19 and talk of future pandemics, we are all having to adopt new ways of thinking, working and living. Factors such as hygiene...

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