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Why Considering Value Over Price is a Winning Strategy.

Delve deeper into our full value proposition, highlighting why it's crucial to look beyond price alone and to always compare the proverbial "apples with apples".

In the realm of commercial spaces, finding the perfect flooring solution is no easy task. It not only needs to be durable and visually appealing, but it also has to fit within your budget. While price is undeniably an important factor, there's so much more to consider when choosing the right vinyl flooring product and partner. In this blog post, we aim to delve deeper into the full value proposition of our offering, highlighting why it's crucial to look beyond price alone and to always compare the proverbial apples with apples.  You always get what you pay for.


True Quality

When it comes to vinyl flooring, durability should be non-negotiable. Vinyl is built to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and the wear and tear of everyday use. Crafted with materials that have earned the highest and most stringent environmental standards and with the most advanced manufacturing techniques, our flooring solutions have a longevity that ensures you won't have to worry about frequent replacements or unexpected repairs. Investing in quality upfront can save you significant time and money in the long run.  Know what to look for and how to compare when you're bombarded with choice and specifications.  The proof is there. 

Specialised, fit-for-purpose solutions

In commercial spaces, installing the right product for the intended use should always be a top priority. With the plethora of choices available, our team will ensure you get it right.  From specialised flooring such as safety and electro static dissipative options, to the more standard sheeting and LVT options, each one has been meticulously designed to meet the most stringent standards and usage cases.  You will never be left guessing.

Aesthetics that Make an Impression

While functionality is essential, the visual appeal of a commercial space should never be overlooked. Our wide range of vinyl flooring options caters to diverse design preferences, enabling you to create an atmosphere that reflects your brand's identity. From stylish patterns to realistic imitations of natural materials like wood or stone, our flooring solutions offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

In fast-paced commercial environments, time and hygiene is of the essence. Vinyl flooring products boast easy maintenance and cleaning requirements, allowing you to focus on your business rather than spending countless hours on upkeep. Our PUR coating has proven itself over decades and is guaranteed to perform.  With simple routines, you will save on costly water and chemicals, while maintaining a pristine appearance.

The Best in the Business

As mentioned, choosing the right commercial vinyl flooring product can be overwhelming, especially with a myriad of options available. That's where our dedicated team of experts comes in. We provide an unrivalled, personalised guidance, honed from decades of on-the-ground experience, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and budget. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale, as we offer ongoing support and assistance throughout the flooring journey.  Costs are often cut in the critical stages of a project, which could prove disastrous in the long term and our team are well versed to help you pick this up and avoid any costly consequences.

We believe in what's right. Solid ethics, honesty, responsibility, respect and honour!

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While price is undoubtedly a crucial aspect to consider when choosing a vinyl floor, the full value proposition goes beyond that. By opting for our flooring solution, you're not only investing in quality and durability but also in safety, aesthetics, choices, convenience, experience and assurance, corroborated by globally recognised, factual data.  No smoke and mirrors or unsubstantiated claims here! Our team is here to help you navigate through the plethora of choices and potential pitfalls, ensuring you find the perfect flooring solution that aligns with your budget, needs and vision. Remember, when it comes to commercial vinyl flooring, it's not just about the price; it's about what you're actually getting.

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