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Inspired Design

Posted by Sandy Mc Lardy on 2017/05/12 1:08 PM
Sandy Mc Lardy

Looking for design inspiration for your next project? We have put together some vinyl flooring mood boards to spark creativity in various environments.

CF16_2232 Double Plank Cross Section cameo_Natural Oak 2232-134358-editedChoosing the right flooring for an environment can have a huge impact on the way people use their space. Choosing vinyl flooring offers a wide array of choices of styles and design ideas. We have created some inspired designs to show how vinyl flooring can be used in collaborative work spaces, schools and more. Vinyl not only offers a wide range of benefits but this versatile product also adds to the aesthetics of your project. Your inspirational design can include a wide range of textures, colours and styles of vinyl flooring. Vinyl is the perfect complement to any inspired space.

Co-Lab Work Spaces

Accentuating your floor in your next office project can help turn a simple office into a vibrant space.  Use bold colours and concrete looks to lift the mood in the office and spark creativity or use texture or unique designs to make a work space more interesting.

Mood Board Co-Lab May 2017.jpg

Considered Healing

Vinyl flooring provides you with all the functionality and aesthetics for a modern, comfortable facility.   Provide patients with a space where hygiene is paramount and healing is a priority.

Mood Board Healthcare May 2017.jpg

Smart Shopping

Vinyl flooring provides retailers with a durable, low maintenance and hygienic solution customised to your retail design. Optimise the design, functionality and layout of your store to provide your shoppers with a pleasurable shopping experience.

Mood Board Large Retail May 2017.jpg

Enriched Learning

Fundamental shifts in education modelling have led to new design requirements for the spaces that house schools. Global best practice guidelines for flooring in schools suggest that a number of factors, such as durability, resilience, slip resistance, low VOC, colour and patterning, use of technology as well as sound absorption and transmission, for example, should be considered. Vinyl flooring provides you with the options that tick all these boxes and that can help you create a space to enhance learning and creativity and inspire young minds.

Mood Board Education May 2017.jpg

Student Living

Vinyl flooring provides you with the functionality and range to surpass any demanding “Gen Y” student’s expectations. Create a space that looks trendy, requires minimal maintenance, and lives well.

Mood Board Student Living May 2017.jpg

Niche Retailers

Create a space for the discerning niche customer demanding an experience.  Vinyl flooring is reminiscent of old school cool with all the modern advantages of design, trend, functionality and wonderful ambiance. Design possibilities are endless and can complement the most imaginative designs, themes and interiors.

Mood Board Niche Retailers May 2017.jpg

Continue to be inspired by the many uses for vinyl flooring by reading our article: Versatile Vinyl.

Find out more about vinyl versatility!

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