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At Polyflor, we strive to provide world-class, environmentally sound, sustainable flooring solutions to South Africa’s industry. As the Triple Bottom Line concept is an important tool for supporting sustainability goals, follow our journey to appreciate our commitment.

At Polyflor, we strive to provide world-class, environmentally sound, sustainable solutions to South Africa’s flooring industry.  As the Triple Bottom Line concept is an important tool for supporting sustainability goals, follow our  journey to appreciate our commitment.

Our journey through Triple Bottom Line Sustainability

What is Triple Bottom Line (TBL)?

Triple Bottom Line or TBL is a business model developed to encourage environmental and social responsibility together with sustainability among businesses worldwide; minimising impact on the planet whilst still considering the people in the company and surrounding community as well as required profitability. The corporations who adopt these standards are known as TBL companies. TBL is an important tool for supporting sustainability goals and is of particular significance in the construction industry because building impact greatly on the environment.

Buildings of the world consume:

  • 40% of the world's energy and materials
  • 25% of the wood harvested
  • 17% of our water

Polyflor  World buildings consumption


The Polyflor TBL Journey

Below you can follow our timeline focused on planet, people and profit or click here to download an infographic of our journey.

Polyflor  Triple Bottom Line Elements


1992 | Polyflor SA Reopens

Polyflor  TBL  People

After a 20-year absence from the SA market, Polyflor reopened in 1992. Once established in the market, we turn our attention to planet, people and profit matters.


 1997 | Shipments from the UK

Polyflor  TBL  Planet

In 1997 we no longer shipped from Polyflor UK based on individual orders, we waited until containers were full to ensure limited impact on the planet.


1998 | Introduction of new product range

Polyflor  TBL  Planet  Polyflor  TBL  Profit

The PUR product range took front and centre in 1998 as we ensured that it became available in South Africa. Polyflor PUR ranges have much lower maintenance costs and reduced chemical and water use.


1999 | Skills Training

Polyflor  TBL  People  Polyflor  TBL  Profit

1999 saw the initiative of on and off-site training. An efficient and effective way to increase sustainable installation skills.


 2002 | New offices for Polyflor South Africa

Polyflor  TBL  Planet

We moved into our offices in Sebenza, Johannesburg in 2002 and are proud to say that the building is environmentally friendly. Water storage tanks were installed and all glass, paper and plastic is recycled. Polystyrene packaging was used for the building insulation and packaging pallets were used to make shelves.


2005 | Sustainable cleaning materials introduced to clients

Polyflor  TBL  Planet  Polyflor  TBL  People

In 2005, we began working with Nilfisk to train clients on maintenance procedures and cleaning products which reduce the impact on the environment.


 2009 / 2010 | Community flooring contributions

Polyflor  TBL  People

We wanted to make a contribution to the larger community and were in a position that enabled us to provide flooring to our local police station. Also, with the Carte Blanche Making A Difference (MAD) Trust we provided flooring to:

2010 | Polyflor partners with SAVA

Polyflor  TBL  Planet

Polyflor became involved with the South African Vinyls Association (SAVA) from inception and join the SAVA Product Stewardship Programme Commitment.


2011 | Carte Blanche Making A Difference (MAD) Trust

Polyflor  TBL  People

We, again, partnered with the Carte Blanche MAD Trust to provide flooring for the King Edward VIII Paediatric Centre of Excellence


2012 | Introduction of an even more sustainable vinyl flooring range

Polyflor  TBL  Planet

In 2012, we ensured that loose-lay tiles became available in South Africa. When installing these loose-lay tiles, no adhesive is required and they are fully recyclable and reusable.


2014 | Caring about others (including the four legged and furry)

Polyflor  TBL  People

2014 was a busy year for us, as we embarked on a number of initiatives to focus on our Triple Bottom Line business model and the focus was on our community, including those that can't ask for help. These initiative include:

  • Providing flooring for the local Scout Hall
  • Working with the Carte Blanche MAD Trust to provide flooring and wall protection for the Paediatric Theatre upgrade at Frere Hospital
  • Sponsoring guide-dog housing and training
  • Joined FITA to further flooring fitters' training and development

2015 | Another year for others

Polyflor  TBL  People

It was with great enthusiasm and excitement that we started a vegetable garden for Polyflor staff. In 2015 we also teamed up with the Carte Blanche MAD Trust to provide flooring for the Infant High-Care Unit at Sebokeng Hospital.


2016 | Huge steps forward on our sustainability journey

Polyflor  TBL  Planet  Polyflor  TBL  Profit

A recycling process for off-cuts and wastage on site - some may have thought that this could not be achieved but we were able to introduce a first-of-its-kind recycling process. This process is still active today, if you would like to learn more about it or join us, click here we would be thrilled to have you on board.

We also began migration of local transport companies to Scania trucks; with their improved fuel efficiency and much lower emissions we are reducing our carbon footprint.


2017 | Celebrating the efforts that have been put into Vinyl Flooring in South Africa over the years

Polyflor  TBL  People  Polyflor  TBL  Planet

In 2017 we worked with with Surgeons for Little Lives to provide flooring for the Chris Han Baragwanath Paediatric Surgical Admissions, Out-Patients and Sleep-Over Units. 

With great pleasure we joined the Carte Blanche MAD Trust again to provide flooring and wall protection for the Tygerberg Hospital Paediatric Theatres.

We provided flooring for the South African Breastmilk Reserve and the Nelspruit SPCA Operating Theatre.

Money-management courses were introduced for our warehouse staff.

And the cherry on the top of 2017, we received the 'SAVA Award for innovation and PVC recycling' at the 2017 Vinyl SA Conference.



PolyFlor Sustainability Programme

Polyflor will continue to strive to remain at the forefront of development, technology and the sustainable development of flooring. Explore our journey on sustainability and discover how the triple bottom line applies to vinyl flooring, our sustainability goals, our recycling initiatives as well as answers to commonly asked sustainability questions.

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How does vinyl flooring fare in a triple bottom line analysis? Download our eBook on sustainability to find out.

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