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9 ways vinyl flooring revolutionises schools

21st century learning is about the provision of inspirational education facilities. Check out the 9 ways vinyl flooring could revolutionise schools

21st century learning is about the provision of inspirational education facilities that put learners and educators at the heart of the school. Design and layout, along with facilities and resources all play a vital role in the creation of a dynamic space conducive to learning and developing potential.

Vinyl Revolutionising Schooling

Integral to a flexible design scheme and to the functionality of a space, the floor covering has a major impact in an educational space.

Vinyl is fast becoming a product of choice in schools.

In the words of a SA architect who designs for schools "Vinyl works in education because it just ticks so many boxes".

Exactly what ‘boxes’ does it tick and why should vinyl be considered as the flooring of choice in education?

Vinyl is revolutionising schools by…

  1. Vinyl flooring and education Meeting specific functionality requirements – When important specifications are necessary for effective education, vinyl meets the need.  
    Specialised vinyl floors can be:
  2. noise absorbent (classrooms and corridors)
    • slip-resistant (change rooms, laboratories, showers and wet spaces)
    • electrostatic dissipative (IT rooms)
    • hygienic (bathrooms and kitchens)
    • aesthetically beautiful (reception areas)
    • exceptionally durable (heavy foot and wheel traffic)
    • easy-to-clean (dining halls, laboratories and frequently used spaces)
  3. Impact of vinyl flooring on schoolsCreating multi-functional spaces – vinyl flooring allows a room to be a classroom, a science lab, a function room, a multi-purpose sports hall; meeting multiple needs and functions.
  4. Enhancing the learning environment – Research indicates that naturalness created by light colours and warm floor surfaces and stimulation created by different colour options is important in today’s learning environment.  Vinyl ticks these boxes.
  5. Introducing high quality design – New age vinyl allows breath-taking design opportunities.
  6. Ensuring longevity, durability and ease-of-maintenance – A well maintained vinyl floor will last in the region of 20 years. Special PUR coated vinyl enhances durability and allows easy, hygienic, dry (as opposed to wet) cleaning. This meets the need of coping with heavy foot and bags-on-wheels traffic.
    Read more on the facts verse the myths of PUR coating hereIs your PUR coating really a PUR coating?
  7. Improving lifetime cost – Whilst up-front cost may be higher than alternative floor coverings, lifetime cost is lower. Many vinyl floors include technology that ensures minimal chemical, energy and water usage - decreasing life cycle maintenance costs by up to 60% over a 15-year period.
  8. Getting the green ethos right – Through modern manufacturing, vinyl has a low environmental impact. Low VOC emissions and excellent hygiene ensure good quality air in schools.Vinyl flooring and schooling
  9. Providing a sense of belonging and pride – Vinyl allows bespoke design enhancing a school’s ability to promote their messages and a sense of belonging.Vinyl flooring and schooling
  10. Maximising choice – with such a wide range of products available, vinyl can cater to multiple design needs and functional requirements across all levels of education (primary, secondary and tertiary).  Find a supplier that can help you conduct a thorough needs analysis so the correct floor covering is used in the appropriate areas.

Vinyl floor coverings are ticking the boxes and revolutionizing schools across the globe. Improve your knowledge and add value to your clients by understanding the opportunities that vinyl floors offer in the school environment.

See how inspirational vinyl designs transformed were used in tertiary educational institutions here.

To learn more about vinyl flooring jargon and understand industry terminology, download our Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Flooring Jargon.

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